Linda Mcarthur
"The residents of Natchitoches are very fortunate to have a surgeon like Dr. Ball. He performed a double hernia repair on my elderly father two years ago. I had to have hernia surgery the following year and gallbladder surgery in October 2009. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2010. Dr. Ball performed a lumpectomy after performing a biopsy on her lymph nodes, which were cancer free. All three of us received outstanding treatment and he is a very caring doctor. It was so nice to have all of these procedures performed here in Natchitoches without having to make all of those trips to Shreveport. I would recommend Dr. Ball to anyone."

Kathrin Holden
"Dr. William Ball and his staff are very courteous and friendly. The service is great and you don’t have to wait a long time to be seen. I have received excellent care and service from Dr. Ball. I would gladly recommend Dr. Ball and his staff to anyone needing a general surgeon."

Jeremy Flenniken
"Dr. Ball and his wonderful staff took excellent care of me during my illness. Their wealth of knowledge, persistence, and diligence led me to prompt treatment and a speedy recovery. Their caring, compassionate nature also helped me during the procedure and recovery process. Thank you all very much!!!"

Geraldine Cotton
"In November 2009 I noticed a problem with my left breast and made an appointment with my doctor. She ordered a mammogram which showed a small spot in my breast and we proceeded with a breast ultrasound. My doctor sent me to see a physician in Shreveport. She said that I would receive faster service and they would be able to tell me if the area was cancerous as soon as it was removed. My daughter called for 2 weeks trying to get the results. The doctor then ordered a needle biopsy and this was done at Willis Knighton North. He was not pleased with this and I was sent to Willis Knighton South for a core biopsy. I was told that it would be 48-72 hours before I would know the results. In the meantime I had to see Dr. Ingram and I talked with him about this recent diagnosis and treatment. He asked why I didn’t use Natchitoches Regional Medical Center and stated that they had a good surgeon there. He suggested that I talk to Dr. William Ball and an appointment was scheduled. My daughter accompanied me to this appointment and Dr. Ball offered several different options for surgery.

I decided to have him do the procedure that was needed. I had surgery to remove lymph nodes and they did not show any cancer. I was then scheduled for a lumpectomy as an out-patient. I did fine from both surgeries. I am now receiving radiation treatments because I could not have a mastectomy due to my health. I highly recommend Dr. Ball as a surgeon. I have received very good treatment and care from he and his staff."

Karen & Bill Shives
"Just a note from your Kansas Patient: This is Karen wife of Bill Shives, Bill had emergency surgery for Diverticulitis June 7th and while on the table had a heart attack, was transferred to Alexandria a week later where he had a triple bypass..... I am sure you remember who we are, we were the ones riding Motorcycles from Kansas.

Wanted to let you know I have contacted Blue Cross questioning why you haven't been paid yet and they assured me they will process immediately. Explained out of all the doctors...Dr. Ball is the one who saved my husband’s life and should have been paid first!

Also to let you know Bill is doing FANTASTIC. The belly wound is completely closed, has been for about three weeks now. He is officially back to work full time as of last week. Heart is doing great. He hopes to have the reversal of the colostomy completed in November. And yes he is back on his Harley...he rode for the first time Sunday Sept 4th, just 1 day short of 90 days from the day he had the emergency surgeries. He has been very good and not taking any risks...until Saturday the 3rd when he sat on the bike and lifted it with no sternum pain. Now I don't believe I will be able to keep him o ff of it.

Please feel free to use part or all of this as a Testimonial ……we believe from the soul of our being if it had not been for Dr. Ball, Bill would not be here today. Yes, Dr. Ingram and the hospital Staff (except the ER Dr – don’t like him) were all wonderful and did everything they possibly could to get Bill stable, helped but I know it was Dr. Ball who truly saved Bill.

Thanks again for everything but also for being there for me. Shay and Dr. Ball you were both so wonderful to listen to my fears, to give me hugs of reassurance that all would be OK, to follow up with us in Alexandria when you didn’t have too just goes to show how awesome and amazing you both are.

Sincerely and from my heart I truly believe if it wasn’t for Dr. Ball being a skilled and experienced Surgeon who knows if Bill would be here today. Dr. Ball showed compassion and understanding when speaking to us about how serious and life threatening Bill’s condition was. It was simple yet very direct manner in which Dr. Ball explained the severity of the situation but never did he loose the human factor when speaking with us and explaining what needed to be done and what we were to expect even later when we would go home.

Thanks doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word to express our appreciation."

Hand-Written Testimonials
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